Great Designers and Masters, searching for new shapes, materials and colours, have been the hallmarks of the unmatched quality of Murano art of 1940 to 1980: the Golden Age of glass.

Silvia Finiels, the Designer and creator of these lamps, has rediscovered exceptional and refined Murano glasses that she reworked and transformed into these stunning creations.

Each lamp is unique and respects the style, consistency and personality of artists like Vistosi, Sottsass, Memphis, Peter Shire, Ferro, Seguso, Cenedese, Barbini... where beauty and tradition merge in a strong visual impact and a new unmistakable style, modern yet powerful.

The collection by Silvia Finiels can be seen in her showroom, in Venice's fabulous Sestiere San Polo, and in her Murano studio, where she works and creates new compositions with authentic antique pieces or elements produced today by the most famous Murano Masters.

Her creations uphold the same high quality and beauty that have made Murano famous, and her lamps are now in the most illustrious homes and collections around the world.




Silvia Finiels Born in Paris, 1963

Studies in Lyon Stylisme et Impression Textile

Works in Paris with the stylist and fashion designer Thierry Mugler

Works with J.L. Martinotti, director of the Opéra Garnier and Opéra Comique, as costume designer (L'heure Espagnole)

In 1987 Silvia arrives in Venice, where she meets the artist Giorgio Mion - soon to become her husband

Together, they dedicate themselves to the collection of ancient Venetian beads

Silvia works with John Picard and the renowned glass designer Moretti in making red and green chevron ("canne" and "rosette")

In 2007 they open their gallery in S.Polo, dedicated to:

  • glass collector's items
  • beads and necklaces manufactured by Silvia
  • paintings by Giorgio Mion
  • creation of lamps out of glass manufacts from the years 1950s - 80s by various Murano masters.

Today, Silvia Finiels creates her own logo:


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